Is this Accurate about Hong Kong?

Welcome to our new destination! And thank you for continuing the journey with us! Hong Kong is going to be a very short stop, just two days, and then we will head for another continent (where you may encounter some unpleasant conflicts - be warned). Right now, however, you are safe. Let us give you a brief overview to your new surrounding.
Hong Kong literally means “Fragrant Harbour”. It is relatively small area wise, about 1000 km2, but has over 6 million citizens. It is ranked as the world’s most densely populated territory. In fact, our first thought upon entering HK was:

“How is there room for everyone?”

The answer is: Lots of and lots of skyscrapers and a willingness to jostle and squeeze through tight crowds when walking the streets (at least in the city center). Let us tell you - You must be comfortable with physical contact when travelling in Hong Kong. Otherwise, you will not be able to leave your room. Literally every area on the pavement is PACKED.

Former British colony

The mainland part of the territory is called “Kowloon”, and the main island is called “HK Island”. We immediately noticed that people looked more western in HK compared to Beijing. Perhaps this is a residue of the colonial days? There are of course many nationalities living in Hong Kong, but even the locals themselves had features more similar to westerners (or so it seemed to us). Everyone also speaks English due to colonial days, so language was not an issue. We did have to watch out for the left side traffic, though.

Prices & Sights

Prices in HK are cheaper than in Sweden, but compared to Beijing, they seemed like a slap in the face. Therefore, we were a bit conservative with our spending. We were there about three days, which is quite enough if you just want to get a feel for HK. We managed to see the major sites our first day, and felt quite pleased with the city overall. We chose to omit the Stanley market and the Ocean park Tivoli, as they are purely touristic.
During the year that Dilek was positioned in Shenzhen (at the northern border of Hong Kong) we took a few weekend trips to Hong Kong. We actually never visited the tivoli or market, but rather preferred to stay close to HK Island and the fantastic Star Walk (the avenue of stars). That is where you get the best city skyline.
Now, please let us resume our “Around the world in 50 days” voyage. We had just arrived in Hong Kong…
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