About Us - Your Guides to Amazing Adventures

Welcome back Dear Friend! You have already been given the premise of the exploration that awaits you. Before taking the plunge, however, you may want to know more about us, your Guides? After all, who embarks on a quest for knowledge with two strangers? So let us put your mind to ease. We have done this before:

More than a Decade of Exploration & Research

Look upon us as Your guides, here to serve you. We are a married couple, who have travelled the world extensively for over a decade. From our first around the world trip in 50 days, until our latest trip which took over eight months.
  • We have lived in four countries and speak six languages.
  • We have had the pleasure to interview amazing people during these trips.
  • We have seen unimaginable beauty and experienced great adventures.
  • Our photos have won several awards.
  • The travels were executed during different stages in our lives; From penniless students, to busy career professionals, and finally as full-time entrepreneurs.
  • All adventures were self-funded and self-organized.
  • We have kept journals and video recordings since the beginning.

Your Guides, the Explorers



Dilek is a Master of Engineering, Entrepreneur, and Explorer with a flair for getting into dangerous situations.
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Vedran is a Master of Computer Systems, an Award winning Photographer and a Successful Entrepreneur.
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Once upon a time, we started off as refugees. By our 20s, we had received diplomas from the best Unis. We were head-hunted by Fortune500 CEOs, and made lucrative corporate careers. In our hearts, we were always entrepreneurs, having started a few companies already in our teens.

Entrepreneurship provides the ability to serve above self and make the world a better place, which is one of the reasons we created Top100Wonders. We try to live our lives according to the values Truth, Goodness, and Beauty (=Excellence). For the observant reader/explorer, these 3-part-concepts will jump off the pages.

Our Motto is: Be Happy and Cause Happiness

We believe:
  • Adventure - and travel is only one parameter - is an essential piece of a happy life.
  • Few things will impact your core beliefs, and resonate as strongly with you, as the experience of the world.
  • These experiences can, and should, be accessible to anyone. Regardless of means, age, and inclination to actually complete a physical adventure. You do not have to be rich to travel, just have two excellent guides.