Wisdom begins in wonder

It was Socrates that once said: Wisdom begins in Wonder. He was able to acknowledge that he does not know anything - a provocative thought at the time. His thoughts earned him a recognition as the wisest of philosophers. However, it also got him into big trouble: a death sentence for corrupting the minds of youth. Socrates was onto something huge. He wanted us to question everything we think we know and ask ourselves: Is that really so?

… and ends in happiness

As other philosophers, Socrates believed that humans wanted eudaimonia (human flourishing) more than anything else and wisdom was of key importance: “… everything the soul endeavours or endures under the guidance of wisdom ends in happiness”.

In the spirit of Philosophy, Sappho/Socrates, and Science, we will Wonder, question and research about the most enlightening places in the World. We will visit the Great Wonders of Nature, in a great quest for Truth.

Questioning is not enough. We must Explore. Build.*

Wonder is what ignited us, humans, in the first place. It is an essential parameter that drove us to discovery and innovation. Wonder is what made us migrate from the rain-forests of Africa, through Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and all the way to the Tropical islands of Oceania. Our ancestors, the bravest explorers and the first builders, asked the same question for hundreds of thousands of years: What lies behind the next hill?
We will follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, explorers and builders; Those whose shoulders we stand on. We will revisit their constructions, the ancient wonders, and imagine their ways towards a noble life (a life of Goodness).

Beautiful Innovation and Mastery

It took our ancestors 200 000 years to reach a population of one billion. Then, humans started flourishing (Eudaimonia) and, in just 200 years, the population reached 7.5 billion. Using Science, we have expanded our abilities to predict the future...and then change it! Excellent reasoning and innovation lead us to great human progress and conquests over poverty, sickness and even death. We have become what the ancients so desperately believed in and tried to achieve. We live in their heaven and dream of a better one.
We will conclude all Wonders - the wonders of Nature, the ancient Wonders and the Modern wonders - in a list called “Top 100 Wonders.” Our ambition is to include the most enlightening, noble (as in good) and beautiful places and experiences one can explore during a lifetime. In addition to ancient questions: Is that really so? and What is behind the next hill? We ask: What is the best hill? and What is the best way to live?

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*Inspiration: "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do." - Leonardo, da Vinci

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