13. We’re melting…

Day 13 was all about Sightseeing! We got up early and purchased a 24-hour subway ticket. We were determined that we would travel all through Hong Kong Island and Kowloon (mainland), which we also managed to accomplish. We saw the Starwalk avenue again, the city skyline, Victoria Harbour, the ladies market, the temples, and also spent some time around the business district (which is a less crowded zone). We took the Star Ferry between the territories, and in the evening went on the tram up to the famous “Peak” for a night view of the city. It was pretty awesome.

Fainting from the heat, but still the time of our life

The day can be summarized with the following formula: 1) Walk about 10 metres, or as long as you can muster, 2) immediately enter a shop to take advantage of the AC before you melt from overheating. It really was excruciatingly hot this day. We had to find shade or enter AC buildings quite a lot just to have the strength to go on. Needless to say, we were having the time of our life!
On a side note, we have discovered that there is no chocolate in all of HK (to Vedran’s despair). Back then we still consumed sugar (which is one of the unhealthiest things anyone can do) and we searched high and low for a store or supermarket that carried ordinary chocolate. They looked at us like we were aliens… we assume that globalization has rendered this little factoid mute.
Tomorrow, we leave this wonderful country and continent and head for Australia! Will you join us, dear friend?
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