31. The Best underwater Wonder

Let us tell you, dear friend, that this is the place where you will see the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. It is completely out of this world. To this day, nothing has been able to beat the amazing underwater world we had the privilege to experience in Fiji (and we have been diving pretty much all over the world). There were so many colors, and such variety of corals and animal life. In no other place have we seen such a spectacular vision as we saw in Fiji. It felt like swimming in an aquarium.

Our first day in 'paradise' began wonderfully, waking up on the beautiful island, with a nice buffet breakfast prepared to us by our local hosts. We spend a better part of the day snorkeling all around the island, and nearby dunes.

A beautiful ray

In the afternoon, we took a kayak and headed out to nearby islands where we continued our exploration of the underwater wonder. There is no doubt that Fiji deserves a place in our Top100Wonders list (as well as in our hearts).

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