8+9: Insects are Nutritious! Anything-on-a-stick!

On our 8th day, we went back to the night market, with the intention to try some of the exotic foods from the “Insect Stands”. Anyone who has been to Beijing is well familiar with the “food stand” market where you can purchase pretty much “anything-on-a-stick”: Scorpions, Sea Stars, Insects, Grasshoppers, Swallows, Roaches… you name it. There is a pungent smell in the area, and it is a bit of a tourist trap. When we were first there, in 2005, the area was quite calm. Dilek, who is the daredevil in the family, decided to go for a fried platter of… something, while Vedran video recorded everything with amusement. To this day, Dilek is not quite certain what she ate, but it certainly was not broccoli.☺

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Tiananmen Square

We also walked to the large food market which was a few kilometers south of Beijing Zhan (central railway station). From there, it was quite easy to continue our walk to Tiananmen Square. We had walked by the square on day #1, but it had been closed off to the public due to state visit. Today, big parts of the square were still restricted, but we got a few nice pictures and visited the park.

Get Him when he is most exposed! Muhaha..

On day 9, Vedran awoke with a fever and a cold. In addition, there was a rather heavy storm outside. Hence, we felt that today was the opportune day to catch up on some rest. Our hostel had over 60 TV-channels, one of them in English. During those days we did not travel with laptops, and the iPad/smart-phone/kindle had not yet been invented, so Dilek often carried one or two paperback books on her travels. On this trip it was Dan Brown’s “Illuminati”. Since we only had one copy Dilek started reading it out loud, stopping only to go out for food. It was probably the longest Vedran had ever listened to her voice in one sitting, but he enjoyed the book.

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