Day 4: Eldoret

Tonight was our first night of sleeping in the tent. It was hot in the evening and cold in the morning. Vedran had trouble sleeping because the tent and sleeping bag is not comfortable.

We woke up about 6:30, which is sleeping in because we didn't have to take the morning boat ride. Dismounting the tent turned out to be a bit harder as the hooks had gotten stuck. It is really painful on the hands, and that was a major flashback from last time.

After a quick egg breakfast, we drove off to a Nakumatt (a supermarket chain) just outside Nakuru (the famous lake) to buy some water and essentials. It turned out to be the exact same mall we visited the last time. By now we are really hoping for some new scenery. Everything has been a reputation so far, but the city of Eldoret should be new.

Eldoret is the fifth largest city in Kenya and quite high in altitude. It is said that it is the city of champions because most long-distance runners come from this city.

The landscape to Eldoret was very reminiscent of any European country side: Pine trees and green hills everywhere. As we passed villages the young kinds were waving and one particular boy run downhill for 50 meters and managed to throw a wave at us from a long distance. Kids are so wonderful.

As we sat down for lunch further down the road, three young boys from a nearby cornfield came by to look at us, the “mozingos” (whites) and see what we were doing. We gave them the buns and avocado sauce that was left over.

Thereafter we continued the drive to the camp arriving around 16:30. Today turned out to be just a transport day. The campsite was very nice with a good pool and hot showers. We had a little bit of relaxing time with a few of our travel companions. Once some of the Aussies joined, however, the conversation went sour, involving only alcohol and how the had gotten sick on top of the truck. We decided to take a walk around the premises instead and went down to the river. Vedran also used this opportunity to take a hot shower before dinner.

This was supposed to be the coldest night at 3000 meters above sea level. But with underclothing (Sv. underställ) plus Vedran's winter jacket, the night went very smoothly. Vedran had trouble sleeping again but not because of the cold.