Day 6: The Kalinzu Forest

Yet another early morning, 4:30, as we had another full day's drive ( third day in a row). Today we ended up riding backward and had a table between ourselves and two girls, Dana and Mary, sitting opposite to us. Dana turned out to be very talkative and loud and would discuss ANY topic: from which boys she would hook up with, to sexual behavior, to boob size etc. We carried that conversation while riding backward in scorching heat, cramped in a teeny tiny seat, on really bumpy roads.

We stopped by the equator crossing and had some coffee in a coffee/souvenir shop. Dilek got her picture taken at the equator sign, but Vedran did not want to do something so touristy.

On the way to the camp, we passed several beautiful hills with tea plantation. Not as spectacular as the rice fields on our previous trip, but still very nice. Our guides did not stop, and we figured that we would first check out the tea plantation by our camp and if that isn't nice, we would ask to stop and take pictures on our way back.

We stopped at a Nakumatt to buy supplies, and the Aussies bought a whole bunch of alcohol to celebrate Australia Day. To fit the alcohol in the truck, they had taken out all the water from the cooler to store their booze. This upset Vedran a bit, but he decided not to mention it since these guys are a bit young and immature.

The campsite was really basic. No toilets, just a hole with no flush (smelled really bad towards evening) and no showers. Luckily it was a warm night at it didn't rain (even though there were quite a few rain clouds).

We arrived around 16, and the first activity of the day was a plantation tour. It turned out to be just a look at the tea plantation (very flat landscape) while the guide talked about their strained conditions. Most of the group did not enjoy this.

Thereafter we had 1h to spare before dinner, so we decided to take a walk in the forest with few friends. Our guide told us that the trails were not marked and that we could not go further than 10 meters, but of course, we went hiking for more than 30 min. Very nice woods, some streams, and we even found a wine to swing from. Dilek re-created the swing from the Amazon last year, and Vedran caught it on camera.

Dinner was very nice, but it, of course, the gang was celebrating Australia Day and had filled the entire cooler with Vodka and fruit. They partied way into the night and even threw up outside the tents. It was very loud, but Dilek fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow (about 21) but Vedran had another sleepless night - not because of the noise but rather the heat. We turned in early and didn't drink since tomorrow is one of the highlights: the Chimpanzee trek...