Day 10: Back to Kampala

The day started early at 4:45 as we wanted to beat the traffic to Kampala. Also, there was no time for lunch so we packed it to go.

So yet another full day in the teeny tiny truck. Vedran & Dilek had the back seats again, in front of the loud Dana. Vedran told off Dana a bit in the morning because she kept spreading out all her stuff all over the table. She took it well but made a real effort not to talk to us during the trip. She instead overcompensated by being ridiculously overly happy and nice to others. She also invited everyone in the truck to a night out, except us...very childish. Of course, we wouldn't have gone anyway as that is very dangerous and not the reason we are here. Several other people felt the same way. Dana and Lana seemed to have found each other during the last day, which is good for them.

Fortunately, Dilek had matured a lot over the past years so she continued to talk to everyone and after a while, a girl named Jill introduced a road guessing game which we all joined in on, except Dana and Lana. It was very obvious they didn't want to play with us. These silly group dynamics are quite interesting to observe actually.

Anyway, we had super fun playing the game. And after a while, Dilek started telling everybody's fortune with some cards. People were laughing and feeling very entertained, some even turned around from other seats to join in. All had fun except Dana who clearly expressed how silly the game was. But Dilek was happy with her effort and Vedran felt Dilek had done a great job entertaining everyone.

Back at camp, we were the cooking team, and after the cooking, we joined the others at the pool were we finally had some time to update our journals, for the first time in three days.

After dinner, some people were going out to a party, but a few of us stayed back by the bar and had a lovely time. The people at the bar expressed how challenging this group had been for them and two people even announced that they were probably leaving. I guess these kinds of trips tear on everyone. All thing considered, Vedran & Dilek were doing fine.