Your Travel route, in the Steps of our Ancestors and beyond

Wonder is what made us, and our ancestors, migrate from the rain-forests of Africa, through Europe, Asia, Australia, the Americas and all the way to the Tropical islands of Oceania. This will be your main route:

Your Travel route, in the Steps of our Ancestors

Wonders of Nature, from the Big Bang until today

We will stop and admire the great Wonders of nature, Wonders created millions of years before life on Earth. We will then continue our journey through the great Wonders of evolution and life on our planet.
"The theory of evolution, like the theory of gravity, is a scientific fact." - Neil Tyson

Modern Wonders, the past 200 years

Finally, we will explore the modern Wonders that have shaped our world for the past 200 years, causing the human population to flourish, overcome great challenges and achieve incredible progress.

Growth of World Population and the History of Technology

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