14+15. What is “the most massively useful item” in travel?

We always meet the most fascinating people at the airports.
Some people feel apprehensive about a full day’s flight, but to get the full travel experience you must seize it all. Some of the most fun we have ever had has been at airports, and we always meet such fascinating people: From a lonely backpacker lost in the middle of the night in Jordan; The elderly travelers in India who had sold all their possessions and were literally carrying everything they owned in their suitcase; The young man who asked us to video-record his proposal at the Bozeman gate... Even the security personnel can be a lot of fun, especially when they love their job and carry out interrogations in a fun way. They usually just reflect off of how the traveler approaches them. 😊

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What is “the most massively useful item” in travel?

This particular day we flew from HK → Sydney, with a 5 hour layover in Bangkong, i.e. several airports and routes, but we didn’t mind. It was a welcome break from all the looooong walks in China. We took this time to rest up, and recharge our batteries. Dilek was seated beside a man in the HK flight, and the two of them talked the entire flight as well as most of the 5-hour layover in Bangkok.
Just like in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (great book series by the way), this man said that he carried a TOWEL everywhere he went. He was using it quite ardently, wiping his face, his food, sitting on it at the airport etc. It was completely soaked and smelled really bad, so we are not sure how hygienic this was. At one point, he asked Dilek to keep an eye on the towel, which she took as a great honor considering what it meant to him.
Will it surprise you, dear friend, that this man was a successful and very wealthy business man? Could you have guessed?
That is one of the best things about travel; You meet so many people from all walks of life, have conversations about topics that you never did before, and when you return home you know more than you did before.

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We considered venturing into the city during the Bangkok layover, but decided that we did not have enough time, and did not want to risk missing the flight. Obviously, in the world of Dilek & Vedran, that meant we just had to re-visit Bangkok on a later occasion (and we have).

Hello Sydney

Winter at Bondi beach, Sydney

We arrived in Sydney very early the next morning. It was the middle of winter in Australia and the temperature was about 10C. Vedran’s cousins picked us up at the airport and drove us to their apartment where Vedran’s aunt was waiting with breakfast.

Later in the day, we drove to the famous Bondi beach. Even though it was too cold to go for a swim, this was one of the places we wanted to visit. We walked along the beach, had some coffee, and walked up the cliffs where we took pictures. Dilek managed to at least dip her feet and run through the waves.

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