16+17. Disaster’s in The Air - Sydney tour & Rugby defeat.

We were about to experience events that would have a negative effect on our lives for years to come. On the bright side, Sydney is a lovely city with lots of sights to see.

Virtual Tour

Today was day 16 of our Around the World in 50 Days-route and we decided to go on a Sydney city tour. We took the subway to the city center and headed straight for Sydney Tower. At the time, it was the tallest building in Sydney with a 360 panorama over the city. We spent a lot of time there, enjoying the view. In the tower, visitors are also invited to experience a virtual tour through Australia. It was very entertaining and well made. Dilek thoroughly enjoyed it, but why do the guides speak so fast? 😊
After the tower, we walked to Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. We wanted to spend some more time at this site, but the weather was getting cold so we decided to head back to the suburbs.

Rugby can be rough… even off field

In the evening, we went to a sports bar to see, quote: “The rugby final of the Century (Aussie Rules!!!)”. The people at the sports bar were excited to say the least, and we actually enjoyed it quite a lot even though we knew nothing about rugby. Watching an authentic rugby game with the locals is a must whenever you visit Australia. And since you probably will not be very familiar with the teams, it will not affect you if your team loses… which is exactly what happened this night. People were Fuming!
We believe that this may have contributed to Vedran’s cousin’s mood when we returned home because he began picking on Dilek more than usual. Tonight was also the night of the infamous LGBT discussion (see previous article), which had repercussions for our family for years to come. Once again, we strongly want to emphasize that we believe in equal rights for EVERYONE, regardless of orientation, color, ethnicity, religion, gender etc. Our message is one of happiness, love, and understanding.
Top100Wonders.com aims to spread knowledge of our world through Big history, science, and the incredible wonders we find around our planet. We are more alike than different - the proof is in our work.

If needed - take a day to Recuperate

Due to the events of the previous evening, we decided to spend the next day re-grouping and re-charging energy levels. Although there is nothing we love better than exploration, long-time travel can at times put a strain on you. It is important to recognize the signs and give yourself a break.
Nowadays, our routes and travel schedules are extremely tight (often 20+ flights/destinations in a couple of months), leaving little to no room for rest. But that is because we feel we have the experience and background research to handle anything that may come our way. Having said that, we make sure to add one or two extra days to our agenda whenever we visit a strategic location. This is to allow ourselves back-up days in case we were not able to investigate or document the particular wonder. There could have been a delay in flights, the weather conditions may have been too poor for documentation, or perhaps we arrived at a bad time to get footage.
Your young guides, at the time these events took place, were fortunately exploring a relatively easy route and had no particular deadlines. Hence, we could allow ourselves some rest. In the evening, we had some traditional Australian BBQ with different types of meats. We also went to the movies with some friends to cheer us up.
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