24. Half way through!

We are about Half Way through our “Around-the-World-in-50-Days” route. Thank you from the bottom of our heart for joining us on the adventure. The most exciting parts are still ahead of us so stay tuned. Also, if you have been paying attention, you know that we have a decade of travel research and exploration (not just 50 days), so the adventures will escalate as we go along. We hope you will join us on all of them, and that you will enjoy them as much as we did.

Day 24: Computer Day - Always backup your data

Since we had been on the road for almost a month, we knew it was time to updating our private webpage, as well as make backups of our documentation (https://top100wonders.com/). This has always been one of our most important priorities when traveling; taking time to make copies and backing up data. As a tourist you are always a bit more vulnerable to theft and loss of equipment. Cameras and other equipment can be replaced, but the information they contain are often priceless.
Back then we used to upload pictures and texts on our private web domains or in several different USB sticks which we distributed over several different backpacks, in case one would get lost. Today it is much easier: You just upload everything on the cloud. No size or space limitations to worry about. On an unrelated note: We love IT-development! And not just because we work in the field!

Here is a flashback of the voyage so far

So today we made copies of Beijing and Hong Kong. Both pictures, videos and our journal = which is essentially the text that you are reading right now. Of course, as the blog has been re-launched in a new format, your current-day guides have added a few comments here and there. 😊
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