25. War? What is it good for?

We encountered several people in Australia who had absolutely heart breaking stories from their lives as refugees. In the 1970s and 1980s many refugees in Australia came from Asian countries, but during our visit we encountered people from all over the world. They had been tortured in their home lands, and some even spent time in war camps. People who had survived were still searching for lost family members, even though the likelihood of finding them alive were very slim.
The topic of refugees has become a more sensitive topic in recent years, especially with the anti-muslim rhetoric increasing in the world. We do not have adequate information to comment on an individual country’s refugee policies, but we have other (personal) experiences in this area. Let us tell you dear friend: No Good Comes From War!
*Above photo is of Sarajevo City Hall / Library, destroyed by war (Photo: Mikhail Evstafiev). Dilek on the right side in the beautifully restored building in, 2015.

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The day started with Sydney Sightseeing... and...

With our friend Saska

Today we wanted to take another Sydney sightseeing tour, because we felt there were more places we had to see. Our guide for the day was Saska, who had been with us when we went to Canberra. She was a super cute and happy young girl who was about to commence her University studies. Most of the sightseeing was done on foot.

We visited the Rocks (old town), Kings Cross (the party street), the botanical garden, and other places. Obviously, we had to revisit the Opera House, to take better pictures up close. The previous time we had visited the Opera House, the weather had been too cloudy to take good pictures.

… and ended with Perspective

Art by Saskas father

In the evening, we were invited to a wonderful dinner with Saska and her family. They were very open with us, and told us about how they had survived as refugees and made their way in their new country. Saska’s younger brother in particular was very proud of the fact that he had managed to learn English well enough to graduate in time with his classmates.
As mentioned, this was not the first time we had met refugees. It is so sad to think about how many people are still suffering. We have chosen not to re-iterate the stories in this blog; Partly because the stories were very personal. Some of the people had been captives in war/concentration camps. Others had lost touch with close family members who were illegally imprisoned, and never found out what happened to them. One girl told us that even though the war had been over for almost 13 years, she had not given up the search for her father.

The world is still an Amazing place, filled with Wonders

We cannot find the words to describe how utterly devastated the thought of war makes us. The world is such an amazing place. If more people could only see it with open eyes, the way it really is, all their fears would obliterate. That is why we do what we do. Write what we write. Why we share our most intimate stories, as openly as we can. We give you our honest view of every place we have visited, every culture we have encountered, and every Wonder (or non-wonder) we have seen. Nothing brings understanding and perspective more than the experience of the world, and that is what we aim to share with you dear friend.
You do not have to take our word for it. Please travel yourself, if you have not already. If you are apprehensive, let these words be an inspiration of how easy and amazing it is. Travel stretches the mind and affects your very core. It is more than seeing sights. It is a fundamental change in your heart; about life, ideas, philosophy and the meaning of everything... Very few things will resonate or impact your core being more than the experience of the world. #LifeAdventures @Top100Wonders.com

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