27. Preparing for next Chapter

Your exploits in Australia are nearing their end (for now 😊). You should now find yourself on the precipice of the next chapter in your “Around the World in 50 days” adventure. Brace yourself! For it is going to be an Amazing Chapter!

Before we leave Sydney, we have to repack and re-organize. Our backpacks were a bit lighter now that we had distributed the presents to Vedran’s relatives. Also, we felt better after having uploaded our data to the web. Our greatest fear when travelling is that our equipment will get stolen, not so much because of its worth, but because we would loose the content: all videos and pictures. We take back-ups whenever possible, distribute on different memory cards, and divide the equipment in between ourselves so that part of it can be protected if one of us should lose the camera or damage it in some way.

Bruce Lee statue we encountered in Hong Kong

Our last evening in Sydney, Vedran’s cousin offered to cook us an Australian BBQ and invited other relatives to join. We were very happy that he made this offer because it had been a tough couple of weeks. It was more than generous of Vedran’s relatives to open their home to us. We ended the night with card games and had a blast. Thereafter, we all watched a Bruce Lee movie, before heading to bed. What a wonderful way to end our Australia visits.

Will you take our hand to the next chapter?

If you read the previous posts, you may have gotten an idea of events that came to pass. However, as this is a site aimed at the search for truth, happiness and enlightenment, we feel it is important to focus on the positive; See our similarities rather than differences. We have found that the reason people (and countries) fight is often due to a lack of understanding.
We promised you, Dear Friend, to always be honest on this stumbling discovery of the World Wonders, which is why we have been so open about some of the challenges we faced in our younger days. Fear not though, for you will always be safe with us, and we assure you that the ensuing chapter will carry a completely different tone. Go ahead and enter whenever you are ready.
We will be waiting for you … in FIJI!!!

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