26. Taronga Zoo - Yes or No?

No visit to Australia could be complete without experiencing the continents unique wildlife. The best way to do that would of course be to go out back, or into the woods. But if you are pressed for time, as we were, you can get a rather good feel for it at Taronga Zoo. On a personal note, dear friend, we are generally not 100% comfortable with the concept of Zoos. We do not believe in keeping animals in captivity, especially if they are cramped in small cages. Most animal sights we have made in our travels have been on Safari’s or open National parks. But today we made an exemption, partly because we wanted to treat Vedran’s aunt to a fun day.

Vedran’s aunt had been very attentive to us, cooked for us every day, and we knew that she rarely got out of the house due to her illness. So we wanted to have a fun day with just her. It was kind of our way of saying thanks.
Taronga Zoo is quite large and you can easily spend an entire day there. We got to pet the kangaroos, feed the giraffes, and see a seal show. We have also seen all the typical Australian animals; Dingo, Koalas, Tasmanian Devils, etc.
We were happy to see that the animals seemed relaxed, and had ample space. However, today, we would have not visited any Zoo since we don’t want to support imprisonment of wild animals.

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