28. Fiji opens your Heart

Welcome Back to resume the Adventure!
As we, your guides, are re-reading articles we wrote about Fiji 11 years ago, we are reminded of how many wonderful cultures we have met during our travels. Reading these stories gives us hope in times when people seem so terrified of what is different that they would rather condemn an innocent child, rather than giving up just a little bit of their own comfort & space. We hope that these articles will provide the same comfort and hope to everyone who reads them.

Everyone will Help you

We landed on Fiji Airport around 22:00, and started searching for our pre-arranged airport pickup. At the airport we were approached by lots of locals who kept asking us which hotel we were going to. We thought that they were trying to offer us a taxi and said that we already had transportation. After all, that is what usually happens at airports: You get mauled by the taxi drivers.
After a while, however, we realized that these people were not trying to sell us anything - they just wanted to help us find our way.
It became very clear to us, after just a couple of days, that the locals are really not materialistic, or money-oriented (at least that was the case during our first visit). They are simply a kind and generous people, who will automatically offer a helping hand even to strangers.

Since we arrived very late we had to improvise with the dinner: Eating noodles using Dilek's hairpins that she had bargained for in Beijing.

We have to admit, however, that there were times when the Fijian generosity made us nervous. For example, when our driver stopped in the middle of the night to pick up hitchhikers. His perspective was that he saw a few people in need and, without even thinking about it, offered them help. It came so natural to him.
In the Western parts of the world, letting a stranger in your car would be considered a rather stupid thing to do. In fact, we have witnessed people drive by a car crash without stopping or even trying to help. We are not judging anyone as we, ourselves, also grew up in this part of the world and share similar thought-mentalities. We do however try our very best to expand our minds… and our hearts.

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