29. Brain-Fork + Kavaholic substance

Traveler Be Warned! Fiji has a way of sucking people in.
Our first night, we were surprised by the level of passion other tourists had for the Fiji islands. We had not yet been island hopping, just visited the main island (which is not the most beautiful), so we could not understand the hype.
Empty Beach with no footsteps

People were describing the islands as a paradise on earth and that stepping foot on them would change you forever… Riiiiiight…

Dilek & Vedran have never been naive or easily persuaded, so we dismissed these declarations as mere tourist euphoria (and perhaps a bit of intoxication). However, considering how much we would enjoy the upcoming few days, and how we would promote Fiji in the coming years, it is safe to say that we too were about to get sucked into the enchanting FIJI-dimension.
In fact, Fiji still has a special place on out Top 100 Wonders List.

Nadi Town

Day 29 of our “Around the world in 50 days” adventure, started with a long morning walk on the beach. It was not the nicest beach we had ever seen, but it should be pointed out that we were still on the main island, Viti Levu, which is not known for its beaches. Thereafter we decided to go on a Nadi sightseeing tour, and try the local bus transport. As mentioned in the summary, transport is not a problem in Fiji as there are plenty of buses and everything is rather close anyway. However, time tables cannot be relied upon as everything is set to FIJI-TIME!

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Our “Brain-Fork”

The Brain Fork from Fiji
In Nadi centre we tried some of the local cuisine and also did a little bit of shopping. Among other things, we purchased a so called “brain-fork” (see below picture), which is a decorated, heavy, wooden club with fork-like features on the opposite end. The club is used to crack a person’s skull and the fork-side is used to scoop out the brain.
To this day, that brain-fork is proudly displayed in our living room. Not because of what it represents, but because it reminds us of Fiji and one of the most wonderful places we have ever visited. For many years to come, we would recommend Fiji as a top destination (maybe even THE top destination). Today, Fiji still has a precious and well deserved place on our Top100Wonders list.

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Kava - It would have been rude to say “No”

That evening, we had a nice dinner with a few people we met at the hostel. They had already been island-hopping for a couple of weeks, and were about to return to their homes. These were the people we mentioned in the introduction --> the ones who kept praising the islands to the skies.
Although, we must admit, it was quite entertaining hearing about their experiences and adventures. Like we said in the summary dear friend, FIJI-TIME is contagious and affects everyone.
Kava Ceremony
After dinner, the locals invited us to participate in a Kava Ceremony. We usually are not comfortable consuming unknown substances while traveling but decided that we were safe enough in the compounds. It is not something we often recommend, dear friend, but sometimes you have to take a risk. Use your common sense.

So we experienced our first Kava-Ceremony, while singing songs with the locals and listening to their folk-lore. The night ended with us becoming lifetime members of the Kavaholics. After more than a decade, those small Kavaholic certificates (basically thin pieces of paper) are still pressed inside one of our journals.

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