36. Have you broken the rules abroad?

Today, we explore Hollywood! We walked from our hostel, at Hollywood Blvd., all the way up to the Hollywood Sign. It is not possible to get too close to the sign because of the fences, or so we thought at the time. On trips that we would make in later years, we found out that you can actually sneak in, between the fences, and even get close enough to touch the sign.

You have to battle your way through very wild vegetation to do so, but it is definitely possible. Be prepared, however to hear a loud warning through a multitude of speakers: “This is your first and final warning! Step away from the compound!”. There are cameras everywhere, which you will not be able to detect (unless you are 007 or something). The warning will be stern, but as long as you leave immediately, not much else will happen. Naturally, we do not advocate breaking of rules, dear friend. We are just informing you that our initial impression; that it is impossible to get close to the Hollywood sign, was wrong. 😊

We are melting… Again

We did not have a very good camera back
then (only 2 Megapixel). Almost all LA photos are from
our second trip with a Proffesional camera (50 Megapixel).

Our walk up to the sign took about 6 hours (back and forth) and it was a very hot day. It took its strain on our photo-camera, which unfortunately broke (Almost all LA photos are therefore from our second visit). Therefore, we do not have many pictures from LA from this trip, but luckily we still had a video camera. Back then, dear friends, video recording was not a standard feature in cell-phones.

As mentioned in the summary, walking is definitely possible in LA, but people do not seem to do that much. Everyone who saw us hiking between the Blvd and the Sign stopped and looked at us as if we were crazy.

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Palpable differences in Living Standards

On the hike, we also got to observe different neighbourhoods/areas, and how palpable the income differences were. You can literally see the area limit as you are crossing from one district to the next. A house or street in a somewhat poorer neighbourhood can look completely withered compared to the house/street right next to it, simply because there happens to be an area limit between the houses.
Although segregation and class division exists in most countries, we had never seen it displayed so openly before – right next to each other. Who knows, perhaps it is better to have it out in the open? In Sweden, people who have lesser income are grouped in so called “immigrant neighbourhoods”, that are placed in the suburbs where the rest of the population do not have to see them. Is this better? No matter the answer, neither system seems to solve the problem.

the famous Mann's Theater

We too turned our heads… and went to the Movies

We rarely watch TV or movies, especially not when we are traveling because there are too many wonderful things to discover. However, since we were in LA & Hollywood, we thought it would be appropriate to watch a movie in the famous Mann's Theater. So, this evening, we had a dinner and a movie date night. The movie was "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"... Nice fantasy break from reality.

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