37. Local Buses - Good Sightseeing

If you are ever pressed for time but want to experience as many areas of a large city as possible: Take the local buses. Just go wherever the line takes you - the city center, the suburbs, rural areas etc. It can be quite fun. Or nowadays, perhaps you can just Uber your way around☺.
We took the bus to Santa Monica Beach. It took a little over one and a half hours, but we had a lot of fun because we got to see all of LA. See our geeky tribute video below:

Santa Monica + Venice Beach

At Santa Monica, we sunbathed, visited the pier, and walked to Venice Beach. Unfortunately, we had no camera with us (Video above is taken on later days). One of our cameras had broken during the very hot six hour walk the previous day, and the other purposely remained in our hostel because everyone had warned us not to bring expensive equipment to Santa Monica.

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As we have said many times in the past, dear friend, peoples’ fears never give accurate descriptions of a place or its people. This goes for any country or place we have ever visited. Santa Monica is no more dangerous than any other large city beach. We are sure that theft does occur, but what city does not have such problems? As long as you use common sense, you will be fine. Anyway, as we could not document our day, we decided that we just had to come back to Santa Monica again before we left LA (which we also did – read on: facebook.com/Top100Wonders).

We took the bus back around 22:00, and as mentioned in the summary, public transportation is very safe. There was a homeless man in the bus (or at least he looked homeless), who kept preaching about the end of days, but he was quite harmless. In those days, there were not that many homeless people in Stockholm, so we were mostly saddened to see this man’s state. But we were never scared.

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