39. The Secrets of Entertainment - Universal Studios

LA lot of films in the US are recorded in Universal Studios. The area contains props such as wild west buildings, the psycho house, scenes from different movies, and naturally a huge amusement park. The latter is probably why most tourist visit Universal Studios.

Even adults will have a Blast

We had not anticipated that we would enjoy Universal Studios as much as we did. We arrived at opening hours, in a rather mellow mood, but were immediately sucked into the Park’s atmosphere. Remember this story, dear friend, because we will revisit Universal Studios 11 years from now, when your guides are older and more mature, but the park will have the same affect on them again. 😊

Latest development in Entertainment

Not really possible to capture the Universal
Studios experience with a camera. You have to be there.

It somehow manages to bring out the child in you (much more than any other amusement park). We think it is partly because they use state of the art technology in their rides. During our first visit, the 3D rides were mind-blowing, and on our latest visit they had upgraded them to 4D and introduced many more special effects. These are things that ordinary amusement parks do not do. Consequently you can enjoy Universal, not just as an amusement park, but from an IT or Innovation perspective as well. Obviously, if you have been in the entertainment industry since the 19th Century, you should be the best at what you do.

Our Auditions

We went on all the attraction, and participated in some of the shows where they had a demonstration of movie special effects. Dilek volunteered to get up on stage to perform some of the demonstrations. Among other things, she got a role in "The Nutty Professor" (See video above). Vedran participated in the audition for Fear Factor which would be recorded LIVE, but he did not make the cut. Dilek was disqualified directly from Fear Factor because she cannot drink milk, and apparently one of the tasks was going to be to drink a disgusting substance containing lactose.

We were crazy to try to audition for Fear factor

As consolation, we were offered front row seats to see the Live taping of the show and we felt very fortunate that we had not been selected to participate. Vedran did however win two tickets to see a sitcom the next day (which we would end up using).
We spent the whole day at Universal, and had more fun than we had believed was possible in a fake surrounding. The memory of the park stayed with us so long that we decided to revisit the park on our next visit to LA, more than a decade later.

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From the Live SitCom recording

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