38. Jay Leno - Do you remember him?

We went to Burbank, north LA, to see NBC studios, which is one of the largest broadcasters in the city. When we arrived we saw a long line where people were queuing up to see Jay Leno and his musical guest: Jack Johnson. We had no tickets, but since we knew by now that there is no organisation in the US we decided to queue and see if we would be let in. As always, the security was top notch; Fingerprints, scans, searching of bags and clothes, but no one bothered to check the tickets.☺ So we got in! What a nice and unexpected twist for today!

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The camera adds 10 pounds

We did not get a seat to see the actual Jay Leno show taping, but we got first row seats to see the musical artist. Jay Leno did however step up on stage to introduce him. He stood just one meter away from us, smiled a fake smile, and looked much thinner than he does on TV.

We shared the space with three young girls - Models - told us all about life in Hollywood, some of their struggles, especially with insurance and the insecurity of the business. It was quite interesting to talk to them and get their first hand experiences. Anyway, the girls explained to us that Jay Leno looked so slim because the camera adds 10 pounds; a statement we had naturally heard before, but never contemplated on before. Leno really did look completely different live.

Success does not bring Happiness. It’s the other way around

For some reason, Leno’s eye caught Dilek. He stared a long while at her and then suddenly smiled. The three young models told us it was because it was obvious, just by looking at Dilek, that she was not in the industry. Leno had probably noticed her because of that. Dilek wondered if the girls had just insulted her. Insinuating that she was not pretty enough to be in the industry. But the models were horrified that we would think that. They said that it was not the level of attractiveness that gave Dilek away, but rather the fact that she seemed to be genuinely happy.

People in Hollywood, they said, are not overtly happy. They gestured around to the other people on the arena, and pointed out how everyone had plastic surgery enhancements, and how their mouths were smiling, but their eyes were empty. They said that is was very sad, but they still wanted to be in “the Industry”, because if you can make it, you will become a GOD… Hmm… Interesting!
We had been told earlier that successful actors/entertainers have a certain degree of hybris. In fact, they could not have survived if they did not possess this personality. Now, these girls were verifying that prejudice… Although they seemed kind of sweet too.

Sex Sells

When the musical artist finally took the stage, the camera men went on overdrive. They started scouting the audience for good footage. There was one camera man right next to Dilek, literally just a few cm away. He suddenly burst past her to get a shot of something going on behind. It was a very blond, very big chested woman*, who was jumping up and down and licking her lips. The three models that we had been talking to told us that this was a very common occurrence in Hollywood. They said that this woman probably wanted camera time, and could not get it any other place than a live taping. So she pulled out her heavy gear and did her best to catch the camera men’s attention. Well, it seemed to work! The cameras followed her around more than they did the musical artist. The three young models* were furious (or maybe they were jealous), but we found the spectacle to be very amusing.

*Again. Our photo camera broke in the heat so no photos of the models or the very big chested woman :)
The day had been a success in every way: Firstly we got to explore Burbank and CBS studios like we had planned. Secondly, we got to experience one of their hit shows and even get first hand stories from people in the industry. And finally, we got a really funny story out of it. What more could we ask for?

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