41. Surprisingly, Rich People look just like us

Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Today was day 41 of our Around the World in 50 daysadventure and the last day in Los Angeles. Tomorrow we take off to a completely different city. As always, you are most welcome to join us through these pages.

Actual Baywatch TV show

Early in the morning we took the bus to Santa Monica again to film a bit on the beach (we did not have our video recorder last time). We got great shots of the beach and also the life guards who look just like they do on Baywatch. Pamela Anderson was not there. If you are born in the 90s, dear friend, you may not understand this reference, but it is not of any importance. If you google it, you will understand how silly it actually is. 😊

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Pretty Women, the Movie

Thereafter we went to Beverly Hills to look at rich people. Surprisingly, they look just like everyone else 😊. In the evening we went to Rodeo Drive to see the famous "Pretty Woman- street". Dilek of course could not help herself, and had to act out the famous scene. We had a lot of fun.

It was our last day in Los Angeles, and we spent it trying to soak up the taste of the city. It would take over a decade before our next visit. Stayed tuned, dear friend, for on the next visit we will focus more on nature-walks and visit the famous observatory.

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Tomorrow we take off to a completely different city: Philadelphia!

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