Philadelphia - Part of US History

Welcome to the next chapter! Hope you have enjoyed your adventure so far! If you are anything like us, you have begun feeling the exhaustion by now… but it is that good kind of fatigue, right? The one that makes you proud of the effort you put in. Here in Philadelphia, you will have the chance to recuperate a bit as we guide you through the museums and the historic sites. It will be more of an adventure for the mind, while your body recharges. So let’s get started… whenever you are ready.

We were told by many locals that Philadelphia is the oldest city in American history. Research tells us however, that the oldest city is St. Augustine. Philadelphia was the very first capital and played an instrumental role in the American revolution. It was the place where the declaration of independence and the constitution were signed in 1776 & 1787 respectively.

Franklin: Polymath, Inventor and Entrepreneur

Time is Money - Benjamin Franklin on the 100USD bill

Philadelphia was also the home of Benjamin Franklin, a person who both Dilek & Vedran find to be an interesting character. We knew him mostly as a renowned scientist (although American’s probably know him as a founding father). But he was more than that: A polymath, an inventor, entrepreneur, and activist - all of these are traits that we respect in others and try to nurture in ourselves. However, Franklin was also rumored to be a bit eccentric, supposedly believing that you cannot see “truth” without being drunk, dabbling in hypnosis, and having a military commander background.

As you may know by now, Dear Friend, your Top100Wonders guides try to live their lives according to the concept of truth, goodness and beauty (the transcendentals) and we stay away from alcohol. We also believe in peace. Therefore, it seems we would clash with Mr Franklin on several topics.😊 No one is perfect after all. We will let You decide if this last statement refers to ourselves, Benjamin Franklin, or maybe both.😊

The transcendentals: Wisdom begins in Wonder

Nonetheless Franklin was a successful entrepreneur; publishing one of the country’s most successful newspapers, building, the fire brigade, and investing in the city’s first industries. Many of the historic buildings, connected to Franklin’s work, still remain and give the city a certain charm.

A New City - A New Adventure

After the superficial charm of Tinsel Town, Dilek & Vedran were pleasantly surprised by this historic city. America is a very young country, but in Philadelphia you can witness some of its historic past. In addition to the historical areas, Philadelphia has a large business district, high-rise buildings, and also large forest areas. Vedran and Dilek felt this was among the loveliest towns they had seen during this trip.

Our Tinsel Town experience: Welcome to LA

With Family in Philadephia

We had arranged to stay with Dilek’s cousins, who lived in a large house in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Dilek and Vedran received royal treatment, being given our own bathroom, and restaurant food every evening. After 40+ days of living in hostels, and consuming whatever was available in our path, this felt like a luxury beyond belief.
As you may recall, we have a general guideline not to stay with relatives for more than a couple of days. That guideline was developed during this trip “Around the World in 50 days”, but had not yet been formalized during our visit to Philadelphia.

What is your experience of Philadelphia?

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