47. Objective of Terrorism is NOT to destroy, but to create mass Fear

Today is day 47 of our “Around the world in 50 days” adventure. Yes, dear friend, we are approaching the completion, but your guides may have a few surprises in store for you yet 😊.

The day started with breakfast at a small café in Philadelphia. As you may recall, we had been staying with Dilek’s cousins there. We thanked our cousins for a wonderful stay, said our goodbyes, and then made our way to Philadelphia Chinatown. From there, we purchased bus tickets to take us to NYC, a trip that would take about two hours. NYC! Here we come!

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Several Cultures in Harmony

We arrived to NYC Chinatown, where we got an immediate flashback to Beijing. The people, the shops, and the whole atmosphere reminded us so much of China. We are not used to this, as there are no “China Towns” in Sweden. Seeing different parts of a city completely dedicated to a specific culture was very interesting for us. It made us smile and reflect upon our journey so far.

Beginning of our trip: The Road not taken

Objective of Terrorism is NOT to destroy, but to create mass Fear

Dilek and the New World Trade Center

After we got settled in we went to Ground Zero - not to enjoy the views from the World Trade Center. Forgive us, dear friend, if these words from 12 years ago seems insensitive. The events of 9/11 were relatively recent at the time, and people were (then) discussing the over-reaction of the American government. Today, the discussion has turned towards another direction, but who can deny that these events (and the fear they instilled) still influence a lot of decisions.
We always try to make decisions based on facts, not fear. That is the reason we have chosen to travel to places that people (at least in the west) deem too dangerous to visit. Follow us to see which places these are.
Never once have we been hurt or treated badly in these so called “un-safe” countries. Quite the contrary, we have seen so much humanity and heart, that several of them have made it to our Top 100 List.

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There were quite a few bizarre people lurking around Ground Zero, who preached about the end of the world and all the evils that would come about. The US government had also mounted a few crosses here and there with a pledge to fight terrorism. There were banners that read: “Who would Jesus bomb?”

Suicide attempts are bad for Traffic

NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) at Wall Street

Wall Street is quite close to Ground Zero, so we took a walk there. It was a scenic walk for us but, at least at night time, Wall Street did not look as impressive as we had expected.
When we got to the river we noticed a police helicopter circling unusually close to the ground. We also noticed that several police cars and ambulances had gathered near the river. As we watched, we noticed the officers pull up a man from the water. He seemed completely lifeless.
Some New Yorkers, who were in the vicinity, said that that the man had jumped off the Brooklyn Bridge. No one knew (or cared) if the man was alive, but they were more than vocal about the fact that this incident had slowed down traffic on the bridge. That is Wall Street for you!☺

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