48. How we get Awesome Travel Pictures + Central Park & Empire State

The first order of business today was to purchase a new camera. We still had our video camera, but the photo camera had broken in the LA heat. Therefore, we had not been able to properly document Los Angeles or Philadelphia - At least not according to our photo standards. As some of you may have seen from our photo sites, we take great pride in the visual representation of our Wonders.

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When it comes to buying photo equipment in NYC, there is only one place you can go: B&H. We had heard of B&H of course, but had never been to any store. It was a fun visit for two engineers with a passion for IT and Photography. We also took the opportunity to talk to some of the staff, especially about why they were all wearing Payots. They told us that you could not get a job working at the store if you were not Jewish. Although one particular guy confessed that he was not actually a believer.

We did not know if was true that only jewish people were employed at B&H. Nor did we know at the time that this electronics giant had been sued many times for discrimination. Had we known, we may have acted differently. At the time, we had only heard about the fantastic, state-of-the-art, inventory they carried. So we ended up purchasing a brand new camera of the latest model. It stayed with us for all ensuing trips we made during the rest of that year.

Photo equipment is an important investment for us. It is an integral part in our photo and video productions, which you can find on our website. Obviously, we would not deliberately do business with a company that does not support equal rights for all people.

Now, Back to Exploring

We also visited the famous Central Park, where we spent several hours. The park was much bigger than expected and we enjoyed strolling in the shade of the trees. We also had a picnic close to one of the dog-parks and enjoyed watching the puppies play around. Thereafter, we went to the hectic Times Square. We felt that the shops were more expensive around Times Square, perhaps because it is a tourist place, and people were quite aggressive on the street.

Before sunset, we went to the top of the Empire State Building to enjoy the view. Vedran wanted to wait until the golden hour to get better pictures with his brand new camera, so we did not leave until 20:00 in the evening. We had dinner at a very traditional American restaurant, with burgers, ribs and potatoes.

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