A few days in Paris

Welcome Back! Although we have completed our “Around the World in 50 Days” Adventure, we wanted to give you a couple of Bonus destinations. The reason for this is partly to emphasize how easily a travel route can be modified according to your own specifications, and partly to remind you that the adventure will never stop. Life itself is an Adventure!

Now Off we go again: This time to Paris

Right after we had returned from our first round the world trip, Vedran wanted Dilek to ask for some time off around the time of her birthday. 😊 He said he had a surprise planned for her. As you may notice, dear friend, at this time your two young guides were not really free to outline their own lives. They were both working for Fortune 500 companies, and therefore had to request time off to travel.

Freedom in the 21st century is the day you quit employment

On the day of her birthday, Dilek was awoken with breakfast in bed, lots and lots of balloons, and a card that read: “Happy Birthday, Sugar! We will have your birthday cake in another location. Your bag is already packed”.
Dilek had no idea where they were going, nor what to expect. It was all a complete surprise and one of the most fun birthdays she had had to date. Of course, since that time, Vedran has made every birthday even more fun than the previous one. How he manages to surpass himself over and over again, after so many years, will remain a Wonder (Pun intended). It should be noted that this last paragraph was written by Dilek and not Vedran. 😊

Re-discovering a Place can be Wonderful…

We landed in Orly, because the tickets to Charles de Gaulle were much more expensive. From Orly, we took the bus to Paris, which only takes about 45 minutes.

Arc de Triomphe

Dilek had been in Paris a few times when she was younger, and that was part of her surprise: To re-live some of her childhood memories. And that is exactly what happened. The first thing we did upon arrival (even before we dropped off our bags in our hotel) was to stroll down Camps Élysées, and re-orchestrate one of Dilek’s favorite pictures of herself kneeling in front of the Arc de Triomphe as a child. It was a rather sunny day for November, so we managed to get some nice pictures.

… but also Disappointing

Sacré-Coeur in Montmartre

In his note from earlier this morning, Vedran had promised Dilek a birthday cake. So that evening he took her to Montmartre where we had a fantastic three course dinner in a French bistro. It was spectacular, and incredibly romantic.
We re-visited that very same bistro in 2016, but it was changed. In fact, all of Paris seemed different (more on that in later articles). But back then, Montmartre was a very charming place. It was of course a popular tourist destination, but not as crowded as today, and more welcoming. Today, it is definitely worth a visit if you have not been there, but perhaps you could go elsewhere for dining.
We took a tour around Sacré-Coeur, and walked down the hill (Montmartre). It was getting very late, but we could not go back to our hotel before getting a couple of night shots of the Arc and the Eiffel Tower. After all, it was still Dilek’s birthday.

Part of the Top Wonders

inside The Louvre Museum

The next day was spent visiting the Louvre. Dilek had been in the park and the vicinity many times, but never inside, so this was a fun treat. We also did the “classic” Paris café thing; with the croques-monsieurs. Vedran came face to face with his Achilles heel: a crêpe avec Nutella. Today it is the one guilty pleasure he allows himself, as we (try to) stay away from sugar.
These long walks along the streets of Paris are very pleasant memories for us, especially since many of these quaint café can no longer be found in Paris. We ended the day with a visited to Montparnasse and Notre-Dame (a must).

The ensuing day was the day we headed up the Eiffel Tower. Again, this is a must if you have not done it before. You will get a panorama view of Paris, which on a sunny day can be very nice. Thereafter we spent a good amount of time goofing off around the parks of Paris (taking some incriminating photos, which most likely will never be published).
We also made a short stop at the Rodin museum before heading back to the airport. We had enjoyed the Rodin museum in Philadelphia, and figured it would be a nice way to end Paris (for this time).

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