Financial Independence & Lifestyle of your Choice

How to finance a lifestyle where you
1. Travel 50% of the year
2. Maintain a desired living standard & high Work Ethic… and
3. Keep it up for a decade?

Dear friend, before we continue with our World Wonders, and what they actually mean, let us make a short detour and impart how your young guides lived back when Top100Wonders was first created.

What is the Path to Happiness???

Vedran at Work

We were newly graduated engineers, had received high profile employments in Fortune 500 companies, and made sky-rocket careers. But that is of little importance to this story, and to our lives in general. Please note that your guides have always wanted to serve above self, rather than just be stuck in the rat race. However, due to their youth, and perhaps some pressure from society, they ended up choosing a “traditional” lifestyle for a few years. Perhaps you can already guess, dear friend, that this was not the right path towards happiness (or success) for your young guides.

Value above Self

Even though it seemed like they had money and success - the “success” (if you can call it that) was all created within the parameters of the “rat race”. It had very specific rules that had to be followed, or you would very quickly be eliminated. Furthermore, it kept your young guides separated from each other for long periods of time, since executive jobs often require re-location. The worst part was that it became increasingly difficult to convince ourselves that we were creating any true value above self. We were earning millions for these global corporations, but did any of it really make a difference in the world?

Stockholm, our Home city

Your young guides have always had an itch to create something bigger than themselves, and they knew deep down that they had skills enough to go in another direction. At the very least, they knew they had enough understanding to keep growing where they lacked experience, and they knew that they would always have each other. As you continue reading, dear friends, more details will unfold about how your guides lived at the time.
The reason we are sharing this is partly so that you will comprehend all aspects of a life in search of the Wonders, and what it entails. But mainly we share this because it will lead to an understanding of the most common question we always receive:
“How do you finance a lifestyle where you travel 50% of the year, run your business, maintain desired living standard…in one of the most expensive cities in Europe?”

First they will Laugh at you*

For now, dear friend, let us just inform you that the rat race will never grant freedom, nor will you be in charge of your own destiny. The very definition of the rat race is in fact that the playground is already staked out for you, and you have to abide by the rules to play (like a pawn). Many people believe that this will grant them status and success. In fact, they will criticise anyone who challenges this notion. Your two young guides were heavily criticised when they abandoned the rat race, and began designing life according to their own parameters. Some people distanced themselves from us, and some even lashed out.

Being an entrepreneur (in Sweden) back then, was a stigma for people. It meant that you were not employable. But please take our word for it: one of the most common regrets people have as they get older is NOT that they worked too little, but rather that they were not brave enough to pursue their dreams and spend their time with loved ones.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it

The world looks different today, dear friend. Entrepreneurship has become the buzz-word of the decade. The very same people who laughed at your guides back in the early 2000s, have today changed their tune and entered a similar path. Well, better late than never. 😊
In any case, your young guides were never disheartened. We knew that we would be able to create something amazing, or at the very least live the best life, together, as we possibly could. As the famous quote goes: “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself.”

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