Day 2: Nairobi, we missed You

Woke up around 9:00 and had some breakfast. Not the best, and certainly not for 130 dollars per night, but still good for Africa. After breakfast, we met Philip, who was also joining the tour. He and Karin were going to go shopping for camping supplies in Nairobi city Center so we joined. We had a day to kill and last time we were in Nairobi, we had not been able to walk around due to demonstrations and some shooting. So this was very welcomed by us.

Philip from Berlin works as a self-employed construction engineer and Karin from near Stuttgart is also an engineer working with customization of vehicles. They had been traveling for 50 days already with G adventures, starting from Cape Town, to Sossusvlei desert, Victoria falls, via Zanzibar to Ngorongoro and Serengeti. Karin had been traveling for 7 months and will go back to work after our gorilla adventure. Philip will see the pyramids in Cairo before coming home. We shared stories from our trips while walking around Nairobi city center and buying supplies for the tour.

It turned out to be a very nice day. We walked all the way to the Center, visited parks and even did some shopping on the Main Street, Moi street. It was very fun to see Moi street again as it triggered several memories from our previous visit. Also, our previous hotel Hilton is also on this street. Vedran Purchased a football (more on that later).

We suggested that we should have lunch at Hilton, the same place we did our last trip. There was this wonderful little cafe there. But Karin did not want to. Instead, we had lunch at a pizza place next to the Hilton. Still ok.

Dilek didn't take to Karin very much. She seemed prejudice, rude, and opinionated. It turned out later that evening, during group orientation, that she may be the best one in the group. But more on that later.

We returned to the hotel around 16, and immediately fell asleep. When it was time to join orientation at 18, it was nearly impossible to get up. But we made it, met the guides, and the rest of the group.

The guides seemed OK, but pretty much only addressed the men while talking. It will be interesting to see how this develops. A few people from the group had been traveling together for about a month. They were a very tight-knit group of mostly Australians and could only talk about their past journeys. Also, they were quite young and drinking quite heavily. Not a very good first impression at all. I guess we are not just more mature, and more serious, but also more European in our culture. Let's see how this develops.

We did join the group for dinner just to be social but went back early to shower and pack. It may be a while until we are able to sleep in a bed again ;-)