Wonder of Air and Space Flight

From this flight, we could see the sunrise in all colors of the rainbow, from Sun's bright orange-red to yellow mixing with light blue into green, and then turning to the darkest blue higher up into space.

Looking up into the stars, we are not only traveling the earth, but also space. As our shuttle is rounding the earth mothership, we are rounding the sun, the galaxy, all rotating in harmony while venturing further into space, a monumental intergalactic dance in disco colors. And there, at the very beginning, are our oldest ancestors, the dark and the light, in love for eternity.

As the sun rose higher over the horizon we see their children, most beautiful blue skies, looking down of oceans of cotton white clouds, and then at Europe's highest mountains as we flew over the Alps. The mountain peaks are sticking up over the clouds, full of snow on the ground. As the sun melts the snow, the rivers flow down the mountains, watering the soil and enabling life in the valleys.

Being entertained by the movie Exodus, about ancient Kings and Gods, while being served food in a stable Airbus, cruising on 12 000 m above the sea at 880 km/hour. Modern technology, that we often take for granted, has enabled the luxuries unimaginable by these old Kings aka. Gods. On our last journey through a few countries in Africa, we could see that the standard of living is greatly improving, enabling more people to enjoy the great wonders of air and space flight.