Day 12: The day after + Resting in Jinja

We actually managed to get a good night's sleep despite the group heavy partying last night. In the morning we had delicious pancakes. Only five people from the group were awake. Around 10, the rest joined breakfast, and boy did they have lots of stupid stories from the previous night. Natasha, in particular, had taken lose a toilet seat, beaten people, and worn it as a necklace.

We later found out that some people had even other drugs than Alcohol … and thought how lucky we were to stay away from that group and how our instincts were right from day one. This also explains our disagreements with their reasoning. It is tremendously stupid, not only from a health and personal security perspective but also risking a long jail sentence in a poor country run by a dictator for the past thirty years in the midst of elections involving violent demonstrations. Our extensive research and travel experience have taught us to avoid alcohol since your judgment will worsen and can lead to other stupid and dangerous decisions. We are convinced that it has kept us away from trouble during all our travels.

We spent the rest of the forenoon chilling by the balcony, looking at the nice view of the “Nile”. In the afternoon we wanted to either go quad biking, horseback riding or just take a bike tour. The prices, however, was ridiculously expensive, and we really wouldn't get any scenery or photo ops. Also, since we had already walked around the village the day before, there wasn't anything new for us to see. Instead, we climbed up a tree house and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon breeze, with some nice music.

Unfortunately, Dana just had to join and stir things up. Dilek felt she had to defend Vedran. After that Dilek & Vedran had a long talk about how our roles have changed. Dilek can handle people very well most of the time when it is a topic that doesn't involve emotion. Luckily, most topics do not raise emotions anymore; for example racism, gay rights etc. However, when it comes to Vedran there will always be emotion. So here there is some growth to be done.

To get rid of the excess energy after a day of idleness, we took a walk outside the camp again. Thereafter we enjoyed the sunset with the whole group from the bar balcony. At dinner time we were the dishwashing team, and then we had a glass of wine with the group just to spend our last Ugandan money.