Day 13: Kenya & Eldoret

Got up at 6:15, and performed the standard morning routine of packing and cleaning. We were off about 7:30, and arrived at the Kenyan border about 11. Once again the border crossing went very smooth, and there we no lines. We did not have to pay another Visa fee, as we were afraid we might. The first stamp from the airport entry was sufficient.

Today was yet another long ride. Dilek & Vedran got a seat of their own in the truck. Not only could we travel forward, and have more leg space, but we were alone and did not need to talk with anyone. Although we like the group much better now, we realize that we have been unfortunate with this group of people. They are only interested in drinking, partying, and some even did drugs. The previous group (in Kenya trip) was much more mature and thus we had a better time. Of course last time, we saw the Serengeti & Ngorongoro which are very hard sights to beat. This safari trip consisted mostly of driving and partying in the camps. The guides really did not make any effort to guide or impart information. They never stopped at any sights along the road, and when we reached the camps they didn't organize any activities or try to keep the group together. They didn’t correct any bad behavior because they were afraid of getting bad reviews.

Of course, the guides were very nice and polite, but we would have enjoyed the trip a bit more if there were other people over 30, who didn't need to drink all the time. The main purpose of this trip was the gorillas and the chimps and that was awesome. But by now we are both a bit relieved that there are only two nights left.

Before dinner, we took a long hot shower, the best showers of the trip. Fourth one in 13 days for Dilek and fifth for Vedran. Actually, we had been in this camp before, and Vedran had at that time tried to convince Dilek to try out the showers, but she was too cold at the time.

The night was cold, as we were at a much higher altitude. Also, we had given away some of our sweaters to the children of the village in Jinja. Dilek still had some long sleeve shirts, and Vedran had his winter jacket. So even though it was one of the colder days, we were quite comfortable.