Day 14: Lake Nakuru (finally)

Today, we get to visit Lake Nakuru, which is the lake that our last tour company (Drifters) skipped on the trip two years ago. We really wanted to see it, which is also why we started this trip in Nairobi and not Uganda. If we only wanted to see chimps and gorillas we could have joined and left the group in Kampala, which some people did.

We got up about 6:30, and performed all the standard morning routines with teeth brushing, tent dismantle washing dishes, packing etc.

Just before lunch, we stopped at a Nakumatt supermarket, the same one as before, where everyone got some coffee while Jay, our guide refilled the supplies. This was the opportune moment to connect with people on Facebook. Dilek approached Dana and asked for her e-mail saying she would love to meet her outside the camping environment. Dana accepted and seemed to appreciate it. Dilek did it because she wants to follow the saying that how people feel after you leave them is your trademark plus she wanted to cause happiness. Vedran did not feel it was necessary. So it seems one issue is resolved.

Strangely, as we were leaving the Nakumatt, we overheard Mia make comments that Dilek doesn't like her and is only polite to her face. Interesting! We didn't even know there was an issue with her. OMG, these young people, and their insecurities. It is exhausting. Glad, we are passed this stage in our lives.

After lunch, we entered the park and commenced the game drive. We have not given the open roof four-wheel drives but remained in the big truck, which was a huge disadvantage as we could only stay on the main roads. We saw the standard animals: impalas, gazelles, buffalo, zebra, baboons, but no rhinos and no leopards. We drove for a few hours in scorching heat, constantly keeping a lookout. At least we got to update animal shots with newer cameras.

As we were leaving the park, we encountered seven! white rhinos gazing. Magnificent animals, which we enjoyed for quite some time. This was definitely the highlight of the game drive.

The camp for the evening was pretty simple. It was our last night so we had some entertainment. It was a very basic dance show, obviously designed to milk the last drop of money from the tourists on the last night. Our guide Jay asked everyone to go around the table and explain what was good and bad. This was really badly done, as there was absolutely no way you could be honest in your feedback in front of everyone. That would only cause conflict. Dilek didn't like it at all. Most people in the group felt it was a positive experience because they had never done anything like this before, plus just enjoyed partying. Dilek & Vedran didn't enjoy all the drunkenness, plus we have had better experiences from previous Safaris (except the chimps and gorillas that were amazing!)

Also, the final event was a few local women begging for money, which was an extremely poor way to end the trip. Dilek is really trying to stay positive and happy according to her New Years resolution. I guess it's not that bad, and we have been getting along with everyone... So... Well... I don't know.