Day 15: Back to Nairobi

This night was the coldest of the trip, the effects of which we would suffer later.

We had a bit of a sleep in, until 7:00. Last time putting down tents, packing, and making breakfast to go. Our guides were very anxious to get going because they wanted to arrive in Nairobi early.

We drove non-stop, had a quick break at the Rift Valley scenic spot (same as always), where the salesmen are all deformed and apparently enjoy picking their noses in front of tourists while heckling. It was easier to be at this spot last time because it was at the beginning of our trip. Now we are a bit fed up.

The truck arrived at the hotel about 12:30. Actually, throughout this trip the guides have been hurrying like crazy to make the camps, unfortunately at the expense of the tourists. Dilek & Vedran quickly got off the truck and checked in to a room. We didn't even bother saying goodbye to anyone. Not that it would have been a problem, just that we didn't feel the need.

It was a good thing that we checked in quickly because Dilek's ears and throat were throbbing, she couldn't swallow, and she fell asleep with a fever. This is probably a result of the freezing cold the last night of camping and poor hygiene during the trip. Even Vedran was feeling some throat and earache, although not as much.

We threw ourselves on the bed, and oh the joy after two weeks of camping. In fact, the whole room felt like a five-star suite, even though it wasn't that special really.

The shower was amazing. You do not always feel very clean after camp showers, so this was most welcome. Hmm... are we getting old?

Towards 18:45, Vedran started preparing our dinner; the noodles that we had purchased our first day in Nairobi. We also had some nuts and hard bread (Sv. knäckebröd) left from Sweden. We felt it was best to stay in and break the fever. After all, we have 8 more months of traveling left, and phase nr 2 will commence almost immediately.

We slept on and off all night, not because of any discomfort but rather the heat and our illness. Still, it was a good rest.