Day 16: Back to Stockholm

We got up at 4:30 to catch our taxi at 5:00. Surprisingly, we were in excellent spirits this morning. Maybe we are looking forward to seeing our home again.

We shared a taxi with friends from the trip who had flights about the same time. We had some nice gossip moment for about 30 minutes and then said our goodbyes.

The flights went well, and we arrived at our beautiful home at about 20:00. The only problem was that Dilek's cold had gotten much worse. I suppose it was lucky that she didn't get sick during the camping, and she will have two days to recuperate in her own beautiful king size bed.

We had two days in Stockholm which were spent 1) recovering from colds 2) washing clothes and gear from the safari trip 3) checking post, mail, company stuff 4) preparing for phase two of our trip 5) transferring photos and recharging equipment 6) packing.

The bedroom felt like the size of twenty tents and our bed was heavenly compared to the tent madrassas we had slept on during the past weeks.

We were ready for phase 2 of our trip: Paris, Neapel, Athens and Raqmu.