18+19. Not Impressed by Sydney???

Have you noticed, dear friend, that as time goes on, it takes more and more to impress you? The things that used to give you that WOW-feeling, simply are not as impressive once you become more experienced. That is the reason it has taken us 12 years to finally publish our Top100Wonders. We wanted to make sure that the Wonders would be timeless, and also that they would be anchored in Big history & Science. Please keep in mind, as you are about to read the below text, that it was written at the beginning of our research. 😊

The Aquarium

Vedran & Dilek took the train to the city, walked to Darling Harbour, and visited the famous Sydney Aquarium. Even though we had graduated from University, we still retained our international student cards for a while longer. We highly advise all students to acquire an international card if you have not already. You will get discounts in most countries and for most sights/attractions.
The Aquarium is massive, and provides the opportunity to walk between all sorts of sharks and interesting sea creatures. We were alone for most of the visit, and on several places we sat down to enjoy the views and listen to the beautiful, relaxing music from the speakers. It was a very calming, and dreamlike feeling. We ended up spending several hours there.

3D was relatively new

After the Aquarium, we went to IMAX to see the movie “Sharks”. We know that 3D experiences are no longer a novelty, but back then they were still pretty exciting. Vedran, who had never seen a 3D movie was super excited and loved the experience. Dilek however, had seen 3D movies on larger screens at Cosmonova (Stockholm) and Euro Disney.
Told you the text would be… “cute” 😊

Birthday Party & Mending the Fence

The next day was Vedran’s cousin’s birthday, so we wanted the day to be all about him. We took him to Bondi beach, where we celebrated with cake and birthday gifts, and also took in a rather nice surfing show. We were hoping this would mend the fences. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to cheer him up. In the evening, there was a birthday party, and that seemed to have a positive affect. Finally!
Dilek spent a good part of the evening talking with Milica, a recently graduated woman, who was trying to decide what kind of career she should have. Dilek & Milica hit it off right away, and Milica invited Dilek & Vedran to come over for dinner some day with her and her fiancé.

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