43. Hygiene and Travel

Friends! You get dirty when you travel. Just make your peace with it.😊
During the Beijing chapter of our “Around the world in 50 days”, we had been able to utilize the hostel’s washing facilities. But that was over a month ago, and since then our clothes had been left to fend for themselves😊.

To make our general hygiene issues worse, we had some issues with the shower facilities in Fiji & LA; On the Fiji Islands we used distilled sea water to wash up, which actually was pretty ok, but in LA we only had shared showers which were not the freshest. We can only imagine how we must have seemed to Dilek’s cousins upon arrival, not to mention the airport personnel. Hence, we spent our first day in Philly freshening up and washing all of our clothes.

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Today we use Apps while traveling

It was actually a good break for us, because we also had to update our website, answer a backlog of e-mails, check our banks, and just catch up on general admin stuff. Nowadays, when we travel, we are often able to remain connected via phones or iPads, and thus able to handle banking and things like that as we go along.
With all the modern apps, we are even able to book, or re-schedule, flights and accommodations whilst on the go. During our latest trip, several accommodations were booked reeeeeeaaaallly at the last second. There was no hurry because booking is so flexible nowadays.

During this trip, however, IT-systems were not as user friendly and hotels did not necessarily offer Wi-Fi (shocking, we know!). Some places did not have connectivity at all. In addition, it felt very good to have a day off as well. We were really tired.
In the evening we even took the time to take in a Yoga class. How is that for relaxing? Tomorrow, we start sightseeing.

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