44+45. When life gives you lemons, make Lemonade

The plan was to visit all the historic sights of Philadelphia. We took the train into downtown Philly and started the exploration. Unfortunately, there was an excruciating heat wave going on. As hard as we tried, we could not tolerate the heat. Finally, we took refuge in a large department store to cool off in the air conditioned atmosphere and serendipitously discovered that there was some sort of mega-sale going on.
There is an american saying that goes “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. It was obvious we would not be able to explore this fantastic city during the immense heat, so we made the best of it…

The day was spent utilizing the mega sale, and purchasing suitable clothes for our new jobs waiting at home in Sweden. At the time, we had just graduated from University and secured our very first jobs - just days before we departed on this trip. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to preparing a bit for the next phase of our lives, which was awaiting upon our return. In the evening we were treated to a fine Philadelphia restaurant.

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Day 45 - Shopping is NOT the main activity of travel

When Dilek’s cousins found out that we needed new clothes for our new jobs, they dropped us off, the next morning, in the second largest mall in the United States. We are the first to admit, dear friend, that shopping is not the first activity you want to engage in while traveling. Especially in a city where there are so many wonderful and historic sites as Philadelphia. Please note however, that it was one of the hottest summers the city had ever experienced. Sightseeing simply was not optimal.
Besides, this is exactly the reason we always schedule a few back-up days. We knew we had a few extra days to complete our agenda, and in the meantime we put our time to good use: Preparing for new jobs awaiting back home. In addition, price levels in Sweden are much higher than in the US (even when there is not a sale). It was an opportune moment to stock up, even though neither one of us particularly enjoy shopping. Nowadays, we do most of our shopping online (including food, electronics, clothes etc), which we find to be both cheaper and more time efficient.

Still a fun day

Having said that, the super-sized mega mall was a lot of fun. Things are big in America, and the prices were extra low due to the extreme summer sale. We managed to make some great finds. In the evening we cooked dinner for our hosts and Vedran made his special crêpes desert (see video above).

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