42. Have you ever dropped your pants at an airport?

As we were departing from LA towards NYC, we got caught once again in the super heightened security. Maybe we should mention here that we had been traveling for 42 days, had no clean clothes, and were probably looking like hobos. The airport staff selected us for extra screening, but considering our general appearance at the time, we do not blame them for being extra careful☺.

Dilek got through the screening, but Vedran kept triggering the alarm. He removed not just his belt and watch, but pretty much undressed down to his trousers. The detector still kept going off. The security officer decided to use the hand-held detector to investigate where on Vedran’s body there could be a hidden metallic element.

It gave off an alarm right above Vedran’s crotch area. At that moment, Vedran recalled that he was wearing his swimming trunks. You see, dear friend, after such a long time traveling, we had no more clean clothes to wear, so Vedran had put on his swimming trunks… which had a tiny little metal pin.

Sir! Please put on your pants

Vedran, the pants dropping terrorist

Unfortunately, due to the general chaos at the airport, the guard did not understand Vedran’s explanation that he was wearing swimming trunks. Vedran kept pointing towards his private area and gesturing to the guard, who did not seem amused at all. Finally, Vedran did the only thing left to do: He dropped his pants, right there, in the middle of the airport, in front of EVERYONE.
The guard was really shocked. He flinched back, and immediately reached for a weapon (or something) at his side. But he quickly calmed down and sternly said: “Sir, will you please put on your pants”. As the guards were laughing with Vedran, Dilek was sitting on the sidelines, with her head in her hands, trying not to make eye contact. Totally embarrassing☺.

Off to Philly

We landed at JFK Airport late at night, where we were greeted by Dilek’s cousin and her husband. They lived in Philadelphia, which is a three-hour car ride away. We had told them not to bother picking us up, but they were returning from a week-end visit to Canada and said it was not too far out of their way. Dilek had not seen her cousin since 1989 so this was a wonderful treat. Her cousin was now married, living in Philadelphia and expecting her first child.
Although we landed quite late, our hosts insisted that we stop at a restaurant on the way from NYC to Philadelphia, because they felt we looked a bit thin. They gave us the same look that the airport security had given us☺. As mentioned, this was day 42 of our “Around the World in 50 days” tour - so we probably did not look our best.

But we assure you dear friend… We were super happy and felt GREAT! Adventure can be straining at times, but it is the best investment you can make and the best way to spend your time… It always gives you a high return… keep following us and you will see:

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