50!!! Letterman + Brooklyn + Broadway

So here it is! Day 50 of our “Around the world in 50 days” tour. You are probably thinking that this will be our last day. Well...keep reading, dear companion, keep reading… and always remember to dream.

David Letterman

with Rupert Lee from Hello Deli

Early in the morning, we went to the Ed Sullivan theater to try to get tickets to David Letterman. (Surely you knows who he is?) We came into the theater and were interviewed by one of the producers. She asked what our favorite segments of the show were, and why we felt we deserved to be in the audience. It felt almost like a job interview. They said that they would call us if we were picked in the lottery of 200 tickets. Nobody called, so we had to console ourselves with a meeting with Rupert Lee from Hello Deli. (Now, if you remember him, we are impressed!!!). We bought sandwiches from him and took some pictures. He was really very nice.

One of the nicer Boroughs

View from Brooklyn on a Foggy day

Thereafter we took the subway to Brooklyn, and spent a good part of the afternoon walking around the borough. By now, we have been traveling for almost two months, and the fatigue is settling in our bodies. We decided to pick ourselves up with a nice coffee break at a super nice café overlooking Manhattan. Thereafter we crossed over the Brooklyn bridge, back to Manhattan. Although it is a very touristy thing to do, it is a must when visiting New York.

Broadway Tickets are always Available

Our second meeting with Christina

In the evening, we wanted to catch a typical Broadway musical. In Sweden, it is practically impossible to get tickets for a show on the same evening. Most musicals/theatres/cultural events are sold out months ahead, so we were readily excited that NYC offers last minute tickets, on times square, to most of the Broadway shows. The seats were not too bad either. During this visit we got first row balcony, and on ensuing visits we got parquet. This is just one of the reasons we love NYC. Music and culture not only exists in abundance, but is also readily available to everyone for a decent price.
This was going to be our last night in NYC, and it felt like an excellent ending. We asked for tickets to the most typical American Broadway show; something with a lot of flair, dancing, singing and “Kabloom”. Ironically, they recommended Christina Applegate's show "Sweet Charity", with songs such as "Big Spender". The reason this was a bit amusing to us was because we had encountered Christina Applegate the previous evening, and even gotten her autograph, as she was leaving her show. Obviously we purchased the tickets immediately. It was a wonderful evening, and afterwards we received her autographs again 😊.

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And thus ends day 50… But not the adventure

Keep reading, Dear Friend. We have added a few bonus days for you. This is just to demonstrate how easy and flexible it is to modify your travel plans, if you have the heart.
Also, we welcome you to share your adventures in the comments below. What do you think so far?

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