51. What is the Best Investment?

And so came the day when we would go home (or would we?). We had known from the beginning that we had a deadline, but had not anticipated how much we would enjoy traveling. Perhaps someday in the future, we could take a longer trip? Maybe one day, we could be gone a whole year. While we are at it… Is there any way, any whatsoever, we could weave travel into our livelihood??? Time would tell, Dear Friend. Time would tell.

Visit the NY Museums: Guggenheim, MET, MoMa

Our flight was not due until evening, so we figured we had enough time to take a look at the Guggenheim Museum before we had to go to the airport. The architecture of the Guggenheim was very fascinating. We participated in a tour of the building's history and saw some of the world's most famous paintings.

Dilek's painting in tribute to Kandinsky

Dilek has always been particularly fond of Kandinsky, and just had to purchase some souvenirs. We have a general rule to avoid souvenirs, unless they represent an exceptional memory, because they tend to clutter up our house. Obviously, Dilek felt that this was one of those exceptional occasions.
The local New Yorkers, who had joined us on the Guggenheim tour, were very stereotypical art-buffs. Completely dressed in black, with a stoic countenance, and extremely eager to let us know how much more cultivated they were than us. Boy, will we miss New York! And no, that is not sarcasm. We really mean it. 😊

And thus ends the Trip… but not the Journey

With this, our trip had come to an end. We had been gone for 51 days, but it felt like much longer. It had been such an amazing experience, we had seen so much, met great people, and did not feel any homesickness whatsoever. We have not regretted a single second… ever!

Travel is the Best Investment?

Travel is one of those things, dear friend, that the more you spend on it, the richer you become. For those of you just starting out, weather you are young students, professionals, or retired - the route we have described in this section is an EXCELLENT start. It is a very safe and easy route to take. It covers several continents, as well as gives a very good balance between city destinations, nature, and island resorts.
Please use this as an inspiration, dear friend, and we promise you will not regret a single moment. It will be an adventure you will never forget!

Here are some Flash-Backs

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7. China is as culturally diversified as Europe
8+9: Insects are Nutritious! Anything-on-a-stick!
10. The Summer Palace
11. Train from Beijing→Hong Kong
Hong Kong Introduction
12. HK gives rough welcome but wins us over with Light Show
13. We’re melting…
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24. Half way through!
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Fiji - a Gem on our planet
28. Fiji opens your heart
29. Brain-Fork, 1st Kava Ceremony + New Dimensions
30. Does Paradise accept Credit Cards?
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32. Every step until this point had taken us further away
33. The Best Gift is a Good Story
34. Thunderstorm in Fiji
Welcome to Los Angeles!
35. To the Stars + Airport Security
36. Have you broken the rules while abroad?
37. Local Buses - Good Sightseeing
38. Jay Leno - Do you remember him?
39. Universal Studios
40. Live Sitcom + US Army
41. Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills
Philadelphia - Part of US History
42. Have you ever dropped your pants at an airport?
43. Hygiene and Travel
44+45. Heatwave - so we made lemonade
46. Philadelphia Sightseeing + Arrogance
New York City!!! Exclamation!
47. NY Sightseeing + Police Helicopter
48. Central Park, Empire State + How we get Travel Pictures
49. United Nations + Kelly Bundy
50! Letterman + Brooklyn + Broadway

A Couple of Bonus Places… and new Routes ahead

In order to give you a few extra choices when planning your travels, we will give you two bonus destinations. This is just our way of emphasising how easy it is to travel and how flexible your route could be.
By the way, Dear Friend. This is just ONE of our routes. We will soon post more routes, with different angles and different levels of difficulty. You are most welcome to join us. In fact, we would be honored to have your company.

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